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What makes a hit?
— How do we succeed in the age of digital distraction? —

The fundamental variables of hits can be broken down to include the following: familiarity, surprise, emotional resonance, and distribution strategy.

These are not fixed variables — for example, the property of familiarity changes every year. The sound of guitar-led rock ’n’ roll in the U.S. was considered weird in 1950, mainstream by 1960 and old-fashioned by 1970.

In our desperate search for simplicity, people want success to work like a garage door opener, where a 4-number code springs the lock.

But culture is not a keypad, and people are not doors. Our codes are ever changing in reaction to our environment. Just like Chimes, forever changing in their reaction to their environment.

There is no universal formula. But we do know that it all begins with a big idea. And through our wealth of experience — and always staying in tune with our environment to pick up on the latest trends — our creative track record shows that we know how to create content that moves others. We know how to make people feel.

As we like to say: leave the emotion to us!

Let’s get creative. #LetsMakeAHit