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Our CNIB “Phone It Forward” Campaign

Chime is so excited to have partnered with the CNIB Foundation for the launch of its newest program, Phone It Forward, the first program of its kind in the world that refurbishes smartphones to benefit someone who is blind.

Because 46 per cent of Canadians who are blind do not own a smart phone, lack of access to smart technology is one of the biggest priorities among Canadians with sight loss. The Phone It Forward program will put smartphones, after they are refurbished and loaded with accessibility apps, directly into the hands of people who need them. With millions of smartphones gathering dust each year as users upgrade to newer models, Phone It Forward gives Canadians a unique opportunity to donate their old phones, receive a tax receipt and empower people who are blind in the process.

Focusing on leveraging the power of technology with those who are blind or partially sighted is a core initiative for CNIB. The program is part of a bigger strategy, marking the organization’s evolution towards supporting a future where people with vision loss can freely experience all aspects of life – without barriers or restrictions.

“Phone It Forward is the cornerstone of our plan to unleash the power of technology for people who are blind, so we needed a compelling campaign that would motivate smartphone donations from Canadians coast to coast,” says Rob Hindley, CNIB Foundation’s Vice President of Marketing and Social Enterprise. “Chime Digital and Door Knocker Media have been exceptional partners, creating a bold, bright campaign that brings our mission to life and shows how empowering these devices can be for the community we serve.”

Partnering with CNIB, another important social cause was intuitive for us, as we currently work with other notable charitable organizations like Diabetes Canada, Nature Conservancy of Canada and Starlight Foundation. Founder of Chime Digital, Anat Barzilay, says “getting to partner with brands that do good is one of our truest delights of working in this business – our goal since our launch has been to create as many positive movements as we can through the power of digital and creative content.”

With our sister company, Door Knocker Media, we developed a comprehensive media plan and creative content for Phone It Forward, including a full roster of videos (60s, 30s, 15s and 6s) and an animated video of the donation process, drawing inspiration from CNIB’s new brand, that will air across a series of national and local TV, digital and social channels. A targeted digital strategy leveraging SEO and SEM and audio buy will help promote the campaign, directing visitors to the new Phone It Forward website,

CNIB is hoping to acquire at least 25,000 smartphones in order to distribute 5000 iPhone 6’s to their members in 2019. For more information or to donate a smartphone to the CNIB Phone It Forward program, visit