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When the wind blows through chimes, the sound tells a story. Chimes bring balance, calm and a general upbeat feeling to those around them. At Chime Digital, we strive to tell stories that will move and inspire in this same way. Chime is a true reflection of who I am and the kind of service and experience I will be providing to my customers.  Continue Reading..

It only took about 30 years or so to get here.

I started selling television advertising at the age of 19 for Citytv. That experience has allowed me to keenly understand the undeniable power of sight, sound, colour and emotion.

Our sister company, Door Knocker Media, launched in September. They were making killer video content, but what does an advertiser do with this content once it’s developed? After exploring and learning everything digital for the past year — I even dreamed in digital — I decided I wanted to focus on one thing and do it really, really well. I quickly realized that my vast experience and knowledge has led me to this exciting time and place. I believe that advertisers want to reach consumers in new, engaging ways. Make emotional connections. Start conversations. Increase engagement.   Continue Reading..