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  1. Are they using the latest technology or still buying manually?

Manual digital buys are time consuming, expensive and have far less targeting capabilities. Chime’s programmatic technology offers you the best of both worlds. Quality handpicked whitelisted premium sites. Lower cpms. Laser focused targeting capabilities. Coupled with tried and true frequency caps, you have all the ingredients for a successful campaign. Continue Reading..

When developing creative for advertisers, it’s important to start with target market insights.

Millennials, for instance, are digitally savvy, with a preference for luxury and exclusivity when it comes to brands (as these brands convey status). They want story-driven brands they can interact with online, since social media is part of their DNA.

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After an amazing first year, we’re thrilled to kick off our second year with the launch of the “Share Beauty” campaign we created for Shiseido Canada.

Shiseido has a long and prestigious history, going back to 1872, of creating beauty in the lives of those it serves. This year they developed the “Share Beauty” campaign to build on their message that “Beauty is a feeling.”Continue Reading..

We launched Chime Digital a year ago in February. I saw my very first client that same week.

What a year it has been!Continue Reading..

Last month, we talked about YouTube, the video decade, and why it was more important than ever for brands to be using video in their marketing campaigns.

Well, now that Google is expected to begin including video ads in its search results in 2016, businesses will see an even greater impact from their video efforts.Continue Reading..

There is possibly no greater way to ruin a woman’s day than to address her as “ma’am.” Whether they’re in their 30s, 40s, or 50s, there are few women who are prepared for the day they transition from “miss” to “ma’am.” After all, that’s what people call their mothers!Continue Reading..

At Chime, we believe that video is the best way for brands to connect with customers. Now more than ever, the best place to put your message is online, especially YouTube. If you want to talk to your customer while they’re being entertained, you have to *be* their entertainment. You do this by creating content that’s relevant and flows seamlessly in the entertainment they’re consuming.Continue Reading..

Ten years after its launch, every advertiser knows the value of engaging users on YouTube: more than 6 billion hours of video are watched every month, more than any other platform.Continue Reading..

Looking for tips on creating your own memorable Holiday campaign? It’s simple: Find what unites all families during the Holidays and create content they’ll want to share.Continue Reading..

On the surface, the top three brands using video in Canada don’t seem to have much in common: a bank, an airline, and a car manufacturer. But their extremely effective video marketing campaigns have one very important factor: They create relatability with their audience. And when you can relate to a company, you want to do business with that company.Continue Reading..