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Selling to Millennials: Is Your Content Reaching Your Target Market?

When developing creative for advertisers, it’s important to start with target market insights.

Millennials, for instance, are digitally savvy, with a preference for luxury and exclusivity when it comes to brands (as these brands convey status). They want story-driven brands they can interact with online, since social media is part of their DNA.

This demo needs to be inspired about the world they live in and who they are as individuals. Which means that content—and its message—is more important than ever. To gain traction with this group, advertisers need to educate, entertain, or inspire.

Research has show that when it comes to generating sales, the quality of the creative is four times more important than the characteristics of the media plan.

As Jeff Cox, Executive Vice President of research giant comScore, puts it:

“Creative is the single most important factor and accounts for over half the changes in a brand’s sales over time. Getting the creative right is absolutely essential and yet its importance so often gets minimized in the process of developing an ad campaign.”

Our client, Your Space, needed to stand out by offering their target demo—Millennial women—a reason to engage. With this in mind, we developed a campaign that tapped into the target’s need to interact by giving them a story where they could choose their own ending.

Our “Your After” video and social media campaign allowed us to connect with Millennial women where they were spending time: on YouTube and Instagram.

hairIn the video, a young woman is out on the town about to reveal her new look to friends. Before the reveal, however, viewers are asked to “Choose your experience, choose your after” by selecting one of two looks: light and layered or dark and defined. Upon making their choice, a second video plays, which ends with the woman’s new look revealed.

For the social campaign, we created a monthly giveaway. Your Space stylists post clients’ before and after pictures on Instagram, encouraging the client to repost with the hashtag #YourAfter for a chance to win one of 10 free hair appointments given away every month.

With millions of before and after pics on Instagram, we knew the potential reach for this type of campaign was huge. And we were right: In less than a week, we already had over 400 crowd-sourced pictures!

Our campaign also included creating fully responsive, mobile-optimized client websites, including a WordPress-powered Content Management System, shifting from a blog to social media, a salon locator using Google Maps, and an e-commerce store.

Now with a modern, SEO-optimized site, professionally produced videos, and an active social media presence, Your Space is primed to build their industry reach. And they got it all through Chime Digital.


View the Your After video below


What is your favorite look? Dark and defined OR light and layered?

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