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Our new Shiseido campaign is a real beauty!

After an amazing first year, we’re thrilled to kick off our second year with the launch of the “Share Beauty” campaign we created for Shiseido Canada.

Shiseido has a long and prestigious history, going back to 1872, of creating beauty in the lives of those it serves. This year they developed the “Share Beauty” campaign to build on their message that “Beauty is a feeling.”

They came to us looking for ways their consumers—particularly Millennials—could share the feeling of beauty with the people they love. Who better to create a compelling, emotion-driven, digital campaign than Chime?

 The campaign was designed to complement the in-store activity. Customers can “share beauty” at any Shiseido counter at The Bay by filling out their very own custom message that Shiseido will mail to their special someone.

First we created a Facebook app, which pulls images from a Facebook user and their chosen friend to create a 30-second “You are Beautiful to me” video, ending with a call-to-action to “Share Beauty with someone special.” Then our sister company, Doorknocker Media, filmed a series of heartwarming videos, featuring real people sharing their stories with the people they love.

We built a sleek but simple, single-page microsite ( to feature the campaign video and push to the Facebook app, as well as a product section and “contact us” form.

Next, we developed a six-month social media strategy for Shiseido’s Facebook communities as well as a six-month strategy for magazine placement.

Finally, we hosted the videos on Shiseido’s YouTube channel to take advantage of YouTube’s powerful TrueView ads: they’re social, increase engagement, and improve targeting capabilities.

We truly loved the campaign and so did the client! Elaine Shigeishi, vice president, Shiseido Canada, said, “We had a fantastic response to the entire program last night and there were no dry eyes in the room. Thank you again for making the program come alive so far!” (We especially love it when there are tears!)


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