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The changes ushered in by COVID-19 have shown just how quickly consumer’s interests and purchasing behaviour can shift. Businesses small and big alike have had to adapt their marketing strategies in real time to respond to the current climate of the world.

My team and I are very passionate about supporting businesses throughout these unusual times. I have been personally reaching out to talk to new brands every day concerning how they’re adapting their plans and adjusting their digital advertising. I hear a mix of things – some brands are at a standstill, still on total pause-mode, while others are using this time to actively plan and pivot in their marketing efforts.

Despite this, one thing has stayed the same – video is trending. We’ve been seeing some really great results from the brands we work with who have been brave enough to stay in the market at this time. These results have been seen across all channels due to the increase in time spent online by consumers and the decrease of competition.

The Chime Digital team believes that video content is more important than ever, as people view it as a welcome distraction from day-to-day life. Have a peek below at a YouTube survey that asked consumers to rank the reasons why they watch video content:

Consumers primarily watch video content to “relax and unwind”. Survey participants also reported that they watch videos because the content makes them laugh, inspires them, or helps them to forget about the world around them.

While there is no doubt that it is important to adjust communications to be mindful and empathetic of the times, it is also apparent that consumers are looking for videos that distract them from the current state of affairs in the world. Consequently, people are spending more time online than ever – I can vouch for this myself. However, these unforeseen times have reminded me that feeling productive and feeling like we add value to the world is one of the most meaningful things that we can do during a time like this.

So, how can we help your brand educate, entertain, or inspire people stuck at home all day? Your brand can provide value to people even if your product doesn’t directly help folks deal with the quarantine/COVID-19 crisis. As long as you keep the focus on helping people, your marketing doesn’t have to stop.