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Canadian Brands are Using Video to Build Relatability

On the surface, the top three brands using video in Canada don’t seem to have much in common: a bank, an airline, and a car manufacturer. But their extremely effective video marketing campaigns have one very important factor: They create relatability with their audience. And when you can relate to a company, you want to do business with that company.

iMedia in Canada has compiled a list of the top 25 brands in Canada using video, based on their TrueReach scores.

At the top of the list were TD Bank, WestJet, and Nissan.

TD Bank: Emotions That Are Relatable

TD Bank’s #TDThanksYou campaign focused on surprising customers with the gift of their dreams, including throwing out the first pitch for a die-hard Blue Jays’ fan and a family’s dream vacation to Disney. Rather than simply tugging on viewers’ heartstrings, TD created content that uses emotions to evoke relatability. Don’t we all like to imagine how we’d feel winning the prize of our dreams?


WestJet: People That Are Relatable

One story in WestJet’s “Above and Beyond Stories” campaign featured teenager Josh in a six-minute mini-documentary in which he shares his experience being bullied. It’s a simple story everyone can connect with. We relate to people who are like us and, when they triumph, we triumph with them.

Nissan: Situations That Are Relatable

It’s not new for car manufacturers to appeal to consumers’ desires to feel safe. Everyone wants to drive a car that can handle tricky situations. We love action movies not just for their excitement, but because we like to imagine how we would handle the situation. In its “Conquer all conditions” campaign, viewers tap into the excitement because they can relate to the family driving the Nissan Murano as an icy bridge starts to crumble around them.


Chime Media understands the importance of the “relatability factor.” You can see it in this powerful piece we created for Free the Children:

Malala Story from Door Knocker Media on Vimeo.


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