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YouTube and the Digital Video Decade: Is Your Brand Ready?

At Chime, we believe that video is the best way for brands to connect with customers. Now more than ever, the best place to put your message is online, especially YouTube. If you want to talk to your customer while they’re being entertained, you have to *be* their entertainment. You do this by creating content that’s relevant and flows seamlessly in the entertainment they’re consuming.

At CES 2016 (a conference held by the Consumer Technology Association last month), YouTube’s Chief Business Officer Robert Kyncl gave a keynote speech entitled “4 Reasons Digital Video Will Win the Decade.”

His speech is crucially important to brands of all sizes that are developing short and long-term marketing goals. Why? Because by the end of the decade, it’s estimated 90 percent of all Internet traffic will be video.

It’s easy to see how. Right now, we spend five hours a day watching TV and online video (according to Kyncl, the only things we do more of is sleeping and working) and the youngest millennials watch more digital video than TV. Digital video has even overtaken social media as their top online activity.


Reason #1 Digital Video Will Win the Decade: It’s Mobile:

Everyone has a cell phone and they’re bigger and more powerful than ever. We think nothing of consuming our favourite video content on our phones, whenever and wherever we want. Kyncl also points out that when we were kids, we had to fight with our parents or siblings to watch what we wanted on the family TV. Today, we don’t have to share that experience with others, which means it’s deeply personal and satisfying.


Reason #2 Digital Video Will Win the Decade: It’s Diverse:

YouTube is the largest library in the world, filled with an endless variety of content niches. That’s because anyone with an Internet connection can create and share content, from vlogs to makeup and hair tutorials to video game walkthroughs. This makes it the perfect channel for marketers trying to reach the farthest reaches of their target audience.

Reason #3 Digital Video Will Win the Decade: It’s Crucial to Music:


According to Kyncl, video is more important to music than ever before. We listen to four hours of music a day and teenagers who want to find and listen to new artists go to YouTube. Even established artists such as Adele are using the platform to upload their new releases. Releasing her new single “Hello” on YouTube (where it’s received more than a billion views) propelled her to the biggest first week album sales ever.


Reason #4 Digital Video Will Win the Decade: It’s Immersive:

Digital video provides a more immersive and interactive experience than television, because 3D and virtual reality formats and experiences are exploding. Kyncl revealed that YouTube is partnering with GoPro to produce a commercially available 3D-360 camera in addition to placing VR cameras in YouTube Spaces around the world so creators can tell more immersive, interactive stories. This richer content will be invaluable in providing marketers with new, exciting ways to tell their brand story.


Now is the time to use digital video to tell your brand story. Contact Chime Digital today to get started.