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TV and Digital: Better Together

A jingle writer has done their job well if whenever you think of a particular brand their catchy tune immediately springs to mind. If you were brought up watching television or listening to the radio in Ontario, you’d be surprised to realize just how many of these jingles have become so ingrained in our memories!

The Alexanian jingle is one of those unique iconic jingles that everyone knows and loves. Without fail, every time we mentioned working on a new video with Alexanian, we’d hear “♪, ♫, ♪, ♫, ♪… Alexanians!” sung back to us right away.

Given the memorable status of their jingle, we decided to center our latest video project around it, playing on the heritage of the popular tune but re-vamping it to make it more fresh and modern for today’s digital world. Check out the video here at AlexanianTV!

Having only previously invested in television, this is Alexanian’s first time entering the digital space. More and more these days we are seeing advertisers shifting dollars from TV and into digital. In fact, a recent article from Business Insider showed that Magna Global, which buys ad time on behalf of big brands like Johnson & Johnson, Coca-Cola and Fiat Chrysler, has committed to shifting $250 million in TV ad spending to YouTube between Oct. 2016 and Dec. 2017. This commitment is about 4-5 times more than what it spent last year, and its overall TV ad spending will decline this year as a result.

Why? Marketers are sick of “paying more for less,” said Mr. Cohen of Magna, pointing to the continued erosion in TV ratings. Shifting dollars online is a way to reach consumers more efficiently. As a result, marketers are investing more in digital with each passing year, as advancements in device technology have made it easier for brands to connect with consumers immediately, wherever they are, and in a hyper-targeted way.

However, here at Chime, we still believe that two screens are better than one! Which is exactly why Alexanian is now doing a mix of both. According to Laura Gaggi, industry media buying veteran, “Marketers who want to improve their online campaign performance and achieve reach should consider a multi-screen approach. We believe that digital media and TV are not competitors; they are a power couple.”

A study conducted by BrandScience and Microsoft shows that online advertising not only delivers excellent ROI efficiency itself, but it also makes other media spend work harder. When the researchers compared the difference in ROI performance between studies that have an online element and those that do not, the results were striking — adding online to the media mix has a positive impact on the campaign ROI for all media, from a delta of +4% for radio to +51% for outdoor and a whopping +70% for television.

ABC also released a study that assessed the impact of TV in media campaigns and found that multi-platform TV advertising “has a significant halo effect on search, display, and short-form video advertising.” Paid search benefits the most from TV’s halo, as branded search peaks when run as part of an integrated media campaign. Likewise, consumers are more likely to click through display ads “when they’re exposed to awareness advertising on multi-platform TV. The study stated “a significant portion of the ROI generated by search, display, and short-form video is only attainable when ads on those three channels are run in conjunction with Multi-platform TV advertising.”

Four more online videos are currently in the works for Alexanian, and we can’t wait to see the results that lie ahead!

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