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6 Seconds or 60 Minutes?

Did you know that the single most important predictive factor for the success of Super Bowl ads is the degree to which they tell a complete story? While this reassures the power of a strong narrative in marketing, it also elicits the question “How do I tell a story with my advertising?”

Since the early days of storytelling, with poets weaving together epic tales of heroes rising up to defeat monsters, stories were meant to compel action in us. They have continued as a preferred means of communication over the years because they draw on empathy – they are relatable and they are engaging.

Good content marketing should do one the following:

  • raise awareness
  • increase conversion
  • boost customer loyalty

Great content marketing can do all three at once.

Enter the video documentary – a unique form of video content marketing that is now seeing a surge in popularity – and with good reason – this type of valuable, affecting, storytelling-driven video content can pique your target audience’s interest by giving them an in-depth look at a topic they may have never considered before, just like any good documentary should. All great documentaries capture an artistic representation of the world around us and also express truths; they are honest. Take Patagonia for instance – video here.

Patagonia’s doc never tries to be something it’s not; it gives an honest portrayal of a number of their customers and how they’ve used their clothing, often for years on end. In doing so, it highlights both the values of the company (wholesome enjoyments, environmental accountability, dedication to the best clothes possible) and the quality and durability of their products. Rather than creating a documentary that encourages viewers to purchase, their message is: “Don’t buy more than you need. Celebrate the stuff you already own.” They remain faithful to their brand’s identity while also creating a human connection with their consumers through relatable authentic content – and this is what defines a successful piece of content marketing.

By focusing their efforts on an interesting subject (where they keep the spotlight on the stories, rather than their products), Patagonia succeeded at:

  • Intriguing their audience and drawing them in
  • Reinforcing their brand values
  • Presenting themselves as a thought leader

How this encourages leads down the funnel:

By giving your target audience a surprisingly emotional and informative experience, you’re providing them with value while asking for nothing in return, as you also set up the expectation that people can return to you at any time for more valuable content. High-value video content marketing keeps your potential customers returning time and time again!

Whether you’re considering a doc to attract the attention of new potential customers or to remind your existing ones why they love you in the first place, documentaries like this are an incredible way to engage your audience with something new and exciting that also communicates your brand values. Remember: In the end, your brand is built by the people who use it. Never underestimate the power of a customer story.

Check out one of our docs here. In 2011, Director of our sister company Door Knocker Media, Matt Finlin, produced and directed Below New York, a unique and stylized look at some of New York City’s finest subway musicians, performers and artists. Below New York was featured at Raindance, Hotsprings and New Orleans film festivals and won best documentary shot at the Red Rock Film Festival! Through a series of polished vignettes, the film draws the audience into the lives that these local performers lead and how their quest for a venue and sustenance adds a truly wonderful aesthetic to one of the greatest cities in the world.

Ready to take the leap into docu-marketing? We’d love to help craft your story!